Metathesis Reaction
agricultural chemical materials
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Industry applications and market opportunities

flavors & fragrances
established & limitless

The array of uses for XiMo’s technology in the flavors and fragrances industry is virtually limitless. The use of XiMo catalysts in this market allows access to natural products that were previously too expensive to use, lowers overall manufacturing costs, and leads to the discovery of new families of fragrances. Broad, existing knowledge in the field of flavors and fragrances means that the application of XiMo catalysts requires less R&D effort by partner companies.

This market is dominated by a handful of players, four of which account for more than 50% of worldwide flavor and fragrance sales. We work with partner companies providing exclusive use of XiMo catalysts to develop specific projects and products across the fragrance and flavor market.

oils & waxes
broad & expanding

The ways in which XiMo catalysts can be applied to the oils and waxes industry—a subset of bio renewables—is extensive. In addition to the applications already identified by the XiMo team, many more possible uses of our catalysts are under development for the industry. In fact, with a large variety of these uses still undiscovered, the role of metathesis in the oil and wax market continues to expand.

XiMo understands that this market is highly specialized and that product development requires in-depth knowledge. We recognize that the development of specialty oil and wax products is a voyage of testing and discovery. We encourage our partners to explore the use of XiMo catalysts and offer them limited, exclusive use of XiMo’s technology in their particular field as we work together to bring their products to market.

pharmaceutical industry
functional & accessible

The market for manufacturing pharmaceutical ingredients is characterized by high dropout rates during development, long development lead times, and extreme caution with regard to product changes. XiMo’s technology supplies pharmaceutical chemists with an arsenal of catalysts for use in R&D and pipeline products. Metathesis has been used in R&D for epithilone derivatives pertaining to cancer drugs and new hepatitis C drugs.

We understand the pharmaceutical industry and the cost barriers associated with adopting new technologies. We are confident that XiMo catalysts will become a standard and favored tool in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients. To that end, we will keep the barrier to use XiMo technology low and will enter such projects on terms that are compelling to our partners.

polymers & plastics
vast & growing

Like the flavors and fragrances industry, the application of XiMo catalysts to the field of polymers and plastics is vast. This market is highly commoditized with severe cost pressures on the main product categories. Research indicates that that the possible applications of XiMo catalysts in this industry are broad, yet remain unused and undiscovered.

XiMo partners with polymer and plastics companies to explore the use of molybdenum and tungsten catalysts by giving partner companies limited exclusivity in their particular field. During this timeframe, we work with our client to encourage focused product development leading to new products using our technology.

future possibilities
boundless potential

XiMo’s technology evolves alongside industry. As companies face increasing price pressures and their products become more commoditized, they can turn to XiMo and explore how the use of our olefin metathesis catalysts can lower raw material costs, unlock efficiencies in research, and enable novel product development.

XiMo is currently exploring the possibility of developing a proprietary synthetic route to make vitamins A and E at lower cost, which affords suppliers a significant advantage. Additional industry opportunities exist in agricultural chemicals and optical materials.

Ximo understands that these markets are specialized and that product development requires in-depth knowledge.

Ximo provides highly selective olefin metathesis catalysts that enable synthetic efficiency.

XiMo was founded in 2010 by MIT Professor Richard Schrock and Boston College Professor Amir Hoveyda, along with a small group of other investors and co-founders.