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Z-Selective Olefin Metathesis Reactions

As one of the most versatile and universal reactions in organic chemistry, olefin metathesis is relevant to all industry segments where synthetic chemistry plays a role in research, development and manufacturing. XiMo’s catalyst technology bridges the gap between a client’s specific objectives for creating carbon-carbon double bonds and the client’s concerns about the catalyst’s ability and efficiency. By solving the challenges of stereocontrolled double bond formation, our molybdenum and tungsten catalysts help scientists clear R&D obstacles and unlock the power of stereoselective metathesis.

The commercial availability of XiMo’s technology coincides with a growing desire across industry segments for efficiencies around the cost, time, and waste of product development and manufacturing. While the flexibility of metathesis has long been recognized, prohibitively high costs of the involved catalysts have hindered widespread commercial adoption.

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Today, our catalysts – with high selectivity and reliability – demonstrate significant efficiency and cost improvements over other available catalysts. Molybdenum and tungsten both exhibit efficient, low catalyst loading, which facilitates scalability for industry application. The raw material costs of our catalysts are also unmatched. 100 grams of ruthenium – the nearest competitive alternative – is roughly 100 times more expensive than molybdenum and tungsten. When you combine these lower costs with high selectivity, increased reliability, and lower catalyst loading, the overall capability and efficiency of XiMo technology is unparalleled.

XiMo’s innovative molybdenum and tungsten catalysts are highly useful to various industries such as flavors and fragrances, oils and waxes, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, and in other markets including synthetic vitamins. Our novel business model offers our partners attractive commercial terms, exclusivity, and implementation support.

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XiMo partners with selected leading companies, providing access to its intellectual property and technical expertise, to solve important industrial chemistry problems.

XiMo was founded in 2010 by MIT Professor Richard Schrock and Boston College Professor Amir Hoveyda, along with a small group of other investors and co-founders.